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How to Appraise Your Own Car

There are many reasons why you would need to appraise your car. A few reasons apply, such as, selling, trading your car in, or if you just want to know how much your car is worth. Appraising your own car can be difficult. The main reason is being realistic on the price. There are many […]

Why Financial Terms are Important

Why are financial terms important? Have you ever signed a contract and did not read the contract fully before you signed it? Here is another scenario, have you ever read over a financial contract and did not know what the words meant? Financial terms can be confusing, especially if you do not know what the […]

What to Do Before Going to the Dealership

What do I do before going to the dealership? These tips will help you feel more confident on the dealership lot. Make sure you know how much you can afford By knowing what you can afford this will help you budget for the car that is best for you. Know your credit score This will […]

The Game Plan to Get Out of Debt

Don’t know what to do, and feel like the debt just keeps piling up? Here are a few tips that will help you. Assess the situation (get all of your debt in order) In this section, you will need to face your debt. Do not just let it keep piling up or wait for the […]

What is Debt Consolidation?

What is Debt Consolidation? Debt consolidation is when multiple debts with different interest rates are combined into one monthly payment with a lower interest rate. If you find yourself having multiple debts, and it seems to be an unmanageable situation, debt consolidation may be something for you to consider. Advantages of Debt Consolidation The obvious […]

What are Installment Loans?

Some people don’t realize it, but often home and auto loans are installment loans. An installment loan is simply a loan where you pay scheduled payments over a specific period of time. These payments are a fixed rate, so you are making payments of the same amount every time. Benefits of Installment Loans One good […]

What is Credit Counseling?

If you have debt that you would like to get rid of, credit counseling may be a good option for you. Credit counseling is a service to help people reduce or manage the debt they have. This form of counseling can also help you learn more about finances and how to handle them. When should […]

Conditional Approval for Auto Loans

If you are looking to get in that dream car right away, you may be looking into getting your loan conditionally approved. A conditionally approved loan can be a good way get an answer to your loan application. A lender can give you conditional approval on your auto loan, which means you are approved if […]

Considerations When Using a Cosigner for Your Auto Loan

A cosigner can be a great way to help you finance your car if you don’t have the perfect credit. An auto loan cosigner is simply a person who is willing to sign on for your loan saying if you don’t make your payments, they will pay for you. The reasons you need a cosigner […]

Looking into Leasing a Car: 5 Things to Know

Leasing a car has been a more popular way to go recently. Leasing allows you to have a nice car without the hassle of buying a car. With a lease, you don’t have to worry as much about repairs because most things will be covered with a warranty. Your payments will certainly be lower than […]