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What is an Auto Loan Prepayment Penalty?

The sooner you pay off a car loan, the less interest you pay, right? Exactly! It pays to pay off a loan sooner, which is why you want to watch out for auto loan prepayment penalties. When you set up a loan with a lender, they may try to include a prepayment penalty within the […]

Cash Income Car Loans

Are you in a situation where you have a predominately cash income, but you still need to get a loan to buy a car? You aren’t the only one. There are many people in this situation and there are some solutions. If you get paid under the table or in cash without receiving a W-2, […]

Buying a Car with No Credit

You are looking into buying a new car, but you don’t have credit. Maybe you are a recent college graduate or you simply haven’t had the chance to build up a credit history. What do you do? The good news is you still have some options to get financing. Some lenders have special programs or […]

Why Buy Used Cars?

There are certain advantages to buying used cars, just like there are advantages to buying new cars. What you decide is up to you and your lifestyle, but check out a few of the reasons to buy a used car below! Advantages to Buying a Used Car Value – A car loses value the second […]

What Makes Up A Credit Score?

There are many websites that advertise giving you your credit score for free. That’s great because knowing your credit score is important. However, it is also important to know what makes up your credit score. Your credit score affects your ability to get loans and financing for houses, cars and other big purchases; the better […]

What Do I Do If I Can’t Make My Car Payments?

Sometimes unexpected situations in life come up, and your finances are not where you thought they were. Whether you have recently been laid off, had trouble with the stock market, or you have had unexpected expenses recently and you’re not able to make your car payments, there are solutions to your problem. The first thing […]

How Does Buying a Car Affect My Taxes?

If you have bought a new car in the last year, there are some situations in which you may be able to list that on your taxes. You may be able to deduct some of your car from your taxes. If you use your car partially or full-time for business, you can use that as […]

Repossession and What It Means for Auto Loans

If you have had your car repossessed in the past, you credit was damaged, you lost your car and you may be wondering if you can ever get an auto loan again. The good news is, you can get an auto loan even if you have had a repossession in the past. Don’t let a […]

Bankruptcy and What It Means For Auto Loans

Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision to make. There are a lot of things to consider, one of which is what to do with your car loan. A question you may be asking before filing for bankruptcy is: can I keep my car after filing for bankruptcy. The good news is, it is possible […]

Refinancing Your Auto Loan

If you had to get an auto loan with poor credit, you probably have a very high interest rate. Lenders primarily use a credit score as an indication approving loans. If you have a low credit score you appear to be a higher risk, so lenders will give you a higher interest rate. However, if […]