How to Appraise Your Own Car

There are many reasons why you would need to appraise your car. A few reasons apply, such as, selling, trading your car in, or if you just want to know how much your car is worth.

Appraising your own car can be difficult. The main reason is being realistic on the price. There are many opinions out there, and that is what an appraisal is, an opinion. Since there are so many opinions it is best to get as many as possible. This will help you decide the right price.


Items that go into an appraisal

Style/Trim Levels and Options

This is where you list the features of the car. It is easy to over value or under value your car at this stage. To get an accurate appraisal be honest and make sure you are reasonable. This can also be the fun part too! Listing the features of heated seats and getting to know your car a little bit better. A few examples include:

-Cars transmission

-Engine type

-All wheel drive

-Leather seats



-Automatic climate control

-Heated seats

Don’t forget to list the trim levels/style. The style/ trim level helps you make your car more specific to get an accurate appraisal. These are EX, LTZ, Touring, Grand Touring, etc.

Condition levels

There are different levels to rate your car. Make sure you are being objective. Do not be too emotional about your car. This is the hard part! You have to rate your car from Outstanding to Rough. Make sure you are being honest to get an accurate appraisal.







You will be given three or four different prices. The prices include; trade-in, private party, dealer retail, and certified used.

If you are expecting to trade-in your vehicle then this would give you a ball park range of how much you would get. This is typically a lower price.

Next, we have the private party price. This is what you would expect if you were to sell your car on your own. The pricing for this is one of the highest because it takes more work to sell a car on your own.

Then we have the dealer retail price. This price is mainly for used-car shoppers, and will be average price, rated between the other prices.

Finally, the certified used price is the price of a car if it is fairly new. This is also for used car shoppers, it shows what the amount would be if sold as a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle.

By understanding the price of your car you will be able to confidently walk onto the lot or deal. Below are places online you can appraise your car. If you want an in person appraisal then come to Louisiana Approval. We would love to help.

Online places to get appraised

Kelly blue book




Hopefully, now  you feel like a pro and can appraise your own car! If you need any help with your appraisal, Louisiana Approval is willing help you with your appraisal needs. Just reach out to us here and set up your appointment today.