What are Installment Loans?

Some people don’t realize it, but often home and auto loans are installment loans. An installment loan is simply a loan where you pay scheduled payments over a specific period of time. These payments are a fixed rate, so you are making payments of the same amount every time.

Benefits of Installment Loans

One good thing about installment loans is they can help you improve your credit score if you make timely payments. Installment loans can help you build up a record of making payments, which is a big part of improving your credit score. However, lenders take into account your credit score before they give you an installment loan, so you will want the best credit score possible to get the best interest rate for your installment loan.

Another benefit of an installment loan is that you should be able to get payments you can afford and a loan term you can afford. If you use payday loans, that means you will most likely have to pay a larger sum of money over a short period of time. With installment loans, you can set up a loan term that helps you to get payments that fit within your budget.

Fixed payments are another advantage of installment loans. You will know exactly the amount you owe every month, so there should be no surprises. Installment loans are pretty common auto and home loans, so odds are you will take out some sort of installment loans someday. Being informed about loan types will help you on the path to financial success!

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